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Im Slipping Off The Edge by KeKitty
Im Slipping Off The Edge
made this so I could make a speed paint to the song How Could This Happen To Me
link to speed paint:…
Fade Memory Of A Bully by KeKitty
Fade Memory Of A Bully
(those are lyric's from the song Bully by Shinedown)
I swear that is all people are doing.....pushing me and pushing till i snap
I already past the point were i just want to snap
I woke up this......not something I want to wake up to
Last week I got nothing but rude comments from 2 people (as most saw) even a threat 
Now this?
I shouldn't have to wake up in the morning scared to check my mail because people want to be jerks
These two should be happy I was nice enough to blur their names (but i will give links to were they said these idc)

~KeKitty :heart:
i haven't really been working on my Tiger drawing but after i get done with this project for graphic design i'll work on it some more again and post the progress

~KeKitty <3
Threating A Minor by KeKitty
Threating A Minor
This is what i just saw
1) they are threating a minor 
2) they can go to jail for what they just said
3) they admitted im "a target"
4) i didn't say a word about how or why they graduated
Pushed Far Past My Limit by KeKitty
Pushed Far Past My Limit
I am sick and tired of these too
Both of them countue to constantly insalt me, and to call me a art thief even tho im not
The two comments at the bottom i saw at school and this girl in my class saw me looking at them and told me how what the hell they are doing is cyber bullying
When I got the one's from yesterday i was video chatting my friend and the second i frown he told me to show him why i suddenly frowned so i took a screen pic and showed him, and once he saw them he was shocked because he has watched me draw many times and knows that i can draw, he was also shocked because he had the reaction i could someone who has no clue who someone is be so insalting and rude over something that is not even true?
what do they wake up in the morning thinking "hmm how can i break her spirit and make her upset today?" cause it sure seems like it
EDIT; go take a look at the screen of what i just posted because i was just threatened

~KeKitty :heart:
So my shoulder is starting to heal so once i can get out of this sling i am going to be posting some art 
I might even take some request

~KeKitty :heart:
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United States
Hey guys!! :) KeKitty here some of the drawings i post on here i have also posted on flipnote hentena (some not all) a lot of the stuff i draw is on paper though. I think i draw better on paper then i do on the computer or DSi
I might not do it every time but ask me about requests......Even if I didn't post a journal or something saying I'm doing them you might get lucky and I could do your request if you ask me

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ShadowofBloodclan Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Student Artist

I hope she feels better. Tell her I said that! <3

That's from ColoredHorizon. From my journal about you. :)
KeKitty Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
tell her i said thank you :hug:
ShadowofBloodclan Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Student Artist
Ok c:
Wolfdomo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For the people who never leave you alone with the tracing.

They are just no good mother fuckers with no life and apparently their whole life depends on making you feel bad.
KeKitty Featured By Owner 1 day ago
apparently sence from the looks of it i can't go a day without people like that insulting me
Wolfdomo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Block them all, I don't believe them.

Because I haven't seen a single SHED of proof. I know you don't trace.
KeKitty Featured By Owner 1 day ago
if i get one more comment from the person that says i make it obivice i defently will
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cat-bot Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
you're art is so darling dearie! totaly watching u! :3
KeKitty Featured By Owner 1 day ago
awwww thanks ^-^
cat-bot Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
not a problem dearie!
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