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Stop Bullying Speak Up by KeKitty
Stop Bullying Speak Up
Yes everything on this drawing is screen shots and messages that people have sent to me
The one in the blue speach bubble is from a guy that had been trying to get with me a year ago and got mad at me because i chose who is my current boyfriend over him because i had found out he had been telling lies behind my back, had lied about being single, and had been hidding me from everyone expect the guy that is currently my boyfriend because he didn't want him to get a chance with me. He had even told lies about me to his "girlfriend" (their not together anymore) till i showed her the prof that what he had said about me to her was nothing but lies. He had randomly sent me that message out of the blue after me and my current boyfriend had been together for 5 months while the whole time before he sent me that message he had been spreading rumors and telling lies about me to other people thinking i wouldn't find out. Even told people i was "cyber bullying" him when i sent him a message standing up for myself because i got tired of standing off to the side taking his b.s 
    Every other screen shot and typed comment on there is things i had posted about on here because i had needed help to make all those people go away. As many of you know that have been under my scraps where the screen shots have been posted there is a lot more, and there are also journels i had posted with links and had posted a few telling these people to leave me alone because of how bad things had gotten. It got to the point where every single time i saw i had a comment online if it was on here, youtube, ourworld, ect. that i was actually scared to look at it because of what people had been saying to me. No one should have to fear looking at their messages because of constant harrassment from other people.
    The most recent things that have been happening to me tho have not been online but they have been in person. The first one started when i was on the bus heading to school from my graphic design class which i take a different school. I was sitting in my set on the bus behind the bus driver minding my own bussniess talking to one of my friends who trusts me with her life because i had helped her when she needed someone the most so many times. This guy had walked up to me and grabbed my backpack and started beating me with it, hitting my bad shoulder. As I'm sitting there screaming for the kid to stop the bus driver who i was right behind didn't do a thing, and my friend was being held back by her boyfriend who didn't want her to get suspended for beating the crap out of the kid, and my other friend who i didn't realize had just gotten onto the bus had shoved the kid by her out of the way and started to yell at the kid telling him to leave me alone and had forced him to move out of the way so she could sit by me. I sat there crying in pain because my shoulder was throwbing, and shaking because everyone expect them just sat there letting the kid do what he did. I told 4 people in the main office but nothing got done for a week stright every time the kid walked passed he always had to either hit me or pull my hair. He had recent got kicked off the bus and is no longer aloud to get on that bus because the one day my friend was there he shoved me by my bad shoulder into a set and i yelled on the top of my lung because it hurt my shoulder.
    Another thing that had happened is that me and 2 of my friends got bullied in the lunch room to the point where me and 1 of my friend refuse to even go in that lunch room and my other friend leaves at lunch because she doesn't want to deal with the girls in her class. The girls had constantly said crap about us, and made comments about us, and had even said how they can beat the crap out of us. It ticked off my one friend that sets in my 5th hour with me at lunch that she almost actually got into a fight with her. It took us going to everyone in the office, and my dad calling the office for something to actually do something about them.
    I swear to go my graphic design teacher hates me or something. She singles me out for everything that happens weather im the only one doing it or not. She even points out every single flaw in my work before i turn it in, and even tho i change those flaws she still finds something to mark me down on it. That typagraphy project i had posted on here that everyone said i did a great job on, and my teacher had looked at 10 times before i turned it in, i had gottn 27 out of 38 on it because she claims the type was too small yet never said a word about the type size any of the times she had looked at it before i turned it in. She had taken my phone one day and gave it to my mom claiming i was texting and before my mom would give it back to me she had me unlock it and what was up was exactly what i said was up which was a drawing i was referencing before school when i was working on a shirt. To test that she was singling me out my mom had held onto my phone and brought it to me during my 4th hour and i had grabbed a pen and wrought my boyfriends name on my wrist under the table just bearly glancing down and she had yelled at me saying if i don't put my phone away she's taking it again, so i put the pen on the table and said what phone you mean this pen? that was prof enough that she is singling me out. All my friends in that class are even shocked at the stupid things she has yelled at me for in class. She had even told my friend who had helped me with a shirt i designed and made for my mom in memory of her sister (which would be my aunt) that had passed away of brest cancer that i was being selfish for not working on something my teacher had to do for another class.
    Even tho all of this had happened, and is happening to me (yes there are still some things happening to me) i keep going. Yeah my teacher keeps being even more of a jerk then most kids, i still keep drawing and desinging my own things that i will make no matter what she has to say about it. I find that one thing that keeps me going at school when i just want to lay there and say screw it i give up. That one thing is my boyfriend and my 3 close friends who hate to see me the lest bite upset and find any way possible to get me to smile. When my friends aren't around all i have to do send my boyfriend a text because i only have 1 teacher that cares what we do on our phone no other teacher i have cares. My boyfriend had recently gotten me a heart locket that i put two photos of us in and when i showed him he had kissed me and said now i am always with you. 

~KeKitty :heart:
Happy Thanksgiving 2015 by KeKitty
Happy Thanksgiving 2015
:iconturkyplz: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :iconturkeyplz:

~KeKitty :heart:
Realistic Tiger by KeKitty
Realistic Tiger
took me 3 days to make it but i finally finished
come out good tho
Reference photo:…

~KeKitty :heart:
Happy Holidays by KeKitty
Happy Holidays
i've never actually done a winter drawing before so i figuared i would give it a try
i worked on this for 2 hours last night
i think it looks really good

~KeKitty :heart:
Pray For Paris by KeKitty
Pray For Paris
because i didn't want to use the paris filter on facebook i decided to make a pray for paris drawing instead

~KeKitty :heart:
Hey guys go check out OniOokami666
Go show her some love her art is awesome 
I know her in person and i gotta say you guys will love her

~KeKitty :heart:
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United States
Hey guys!! :) KeKitty here some of the drawings i post on here i have also posted on flipnote hentena (some not all) a lot of the stuff i draw is on paper though. I think i draw better on paper then i do on the computer or DSi
I might not do it every time but ask me about requests......Even if I didn't post a journal or something saying I'm doing them you might get lucky and I could do your request if you ask me

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